Monday, June 18, 2012

Saint Anthony's Festival 2012

Because we extended our stay in Lisbon for a few extra months, we were able to celebrate the Santo António Festival one last time. Because we organized most social activities in our community, we gathered our biggest group yet to celebrate the day in one of the city's most historic neighborhoods, the Alfama. We had a huge group - seventeen of us wandered Lisbon pushing our way through packed streets.

Grilled sardines are an essential part of the festival and in 2012, Sagres beer passed out sardine hats.

People of all ages love Saint Anthony's Festival. This kid loved showing off his dance moves.

And of course we played spoofers.

This friend enjoyed the festivities until he was pickpocketed. 

Some guy tried to pickpocket Hillary, but she noticed and pushed him away while simultaneously pouring her full beer right over his head. He didn't stand a chance! It was a fun night and we were glad to have one last chance to celebrate drinking in the streets of Lisbon.

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