Sunday, May 15, 2011


We recently got to go on a tour of Lisbon's historic aqueduct. This aqueduct was built in the 1700's to bring in water from a neighboring town. Lisbon doesn't get a lot of rain, and because the Tagus river joins the sea, the city used to suffer a lack of drinking water. Part of the aqueduct spans a valley, and forms an impressive series of arches and was an amazing feat of engineering when it was finished. Here is a picture showing the high arches.

Normally this part of the aqueduct is closed to the public, but we got to go on a special tour and walk along the outside edge.

There was a serial killer in the 1800's who killed more than 60 people by grabbing unsuspecting pedestrians and throwing them over the edge of the aqueduct, far down into the valley below! I know I wouldn't want to walk across there at night...

Another view with some clouds rolling in

Here is a view inside the tunnel where the water used to flow

A nice view of the bridge. You can also see the statue of Jesus way in the background

Looking back to see where we started

The tour ended in the huge reservoir where they used to store the water. It holds 5500 cubic meters of water, even though the water is no longer used by residents

We also go to go up on the roof of the reservoir, where we had more great views of the city. This is one of my favorites we took; to me it looks like a postcard. Lisbon really is an absolutely beautiful city.

Monday, May 9, 2011